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Works in Progress:

Adams, M., Todd, M., Angadi, S., Hurley, J., Stecher, C., Berardi, V., Phillips, C., McEntee, M., Hovell, M. & Hooker, S. "Adaptive Goal Setting and Financial Reinforcement to Increase Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity in Insufficiently Active Overweight Adults: A Randomized Clinical Trial"

Stecher, C. & Ketcham, J. "Learning to work together: Productivity gains from shared experience among cardiology teams."

Stecher, C., Sullivan, M. & Huberty, J. "Using Personalized Anchors to Establish Routine Meditation Practice with a Mobile App: Randomized Controlled Trial." 

Martin, J., Stecher, C., Hui, C., Kisana, H. & Hustedt, J. "Comparison of Postoperative Complications Associated With Anesthetic Choice for Surgery of the Foot or Ankle"

McCullough, M & Stecher, C. "Associations between provider financial models and use of health information exchange (HIE): Are alternative payment models associated with increased uptake of HIE?"

Stecher, C., Chen, C., Codella, J. & Hendler, J. "Promoting Contextually Cued Physical Activity Habits: A Pilot Study Using Cue-Contingent Financial Incentives for Daily Walking"


Behavioral Health Economics:

Stecher, C., Mukasa, B., Linnemayr, S. 2021. "Uncovering a Behavioral Strategy for Establishing New Habits: Evidence from Incentives for Medication Adherence in Uganda." Journal of Health Economics; Vol. 77., in-press. [Link]

Stecher, C. 2021. "Physician Network Connections to Specialists and HIV Quality of Care" Health Services  Research; published online Feb, 2021, in-press. [Link]

Medical literature:

Abashidze, N., Stecher, C., Rosenkrantz, A., Duszak, R. & Hughes, D. "Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Use of Prostate MRI Following an Elevated Prostate-Specific Antigen Test." JAMA Network Open (forthcoming)

Stecher, C., Everhart, A., Smith, L., Jena, A., Ross, J., Desai, N., Shah, N. & Karaca-Mandic, P. "Physician Network Connections Associated with Faster De-Adoption of Dronedarone for Permanent Atrial Fibrillation." Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes (forthcoming) [Link]

Biomedical Informatics:
Stecher, C., Fowers, R., Christ, J., Berardi, V., Chung, Y. & Huberty, J. "Using mHealth Data to Identify Mindfulness Meditation Habits and the Associated Mental Health Benefits" Journal of Medical Internet Research (forthcoming)


Public Health:
Keister, L., Stecher, C., Aronson, B., McConnell, W., Hustedt, J. & Moody, M. "Provider Bias in prescribing opioid analgesics: a study of electronic medical Records at a Hospital Emergency Department." BMC Public Health; 21, article number 1518. [


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